NAGNews 103 - 26 January 2012


New Paper: Solving Partial Differential Equations with the NAG Library

Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) are used in many important areas in science and financial mathematics, and a lot of work has been put into developing reliable methods to solve them. Many of these methods are available in the NAG Library, and following a helpful dialogue with a NAG user at the Institute of Biomathematics and Biometry at the Helmholtz Zentrum, we have highlighted a few of them in a white paper which presents the results from the solution of a variety of PDE problems.

Read the new paper here.

Latest version of the NAG Compiler now available

Do you use the NAG Fortran Compiler? If you do, you'll probably want to download the latest version (5.3) that has just been released.

The NAG Compiler's biggest strength is its checking capabilities and detailed error reporting. It's very exact in the interpretation of Fortran standards and incorporates cutting edge checking features for Fortran, such as dangling pointer detection (detect use of pointers whose targets have disappeared), runtime detection of errors in procedure calls, detection of undefined variables, and memory leak detection (show where memory is not deallocated correctly). NAG believes that checking wins over speed every time, after all, how quickly do you want the wrong answer?


"My programs are much cleaner thanks to the new features in the NAG Fortran Compiler. This may seem like a minor issue, but there are literally hundreds of routines in my programs which pass arrays between them, and simpler interfaces lead to fewer mistakes. It's also useful to be able to write subroutines which decide the size of their return arrays internally, and to have allocatable arrays as structure components." - Ian Thompson, Research Associate at Loughborough University



John Reid, Convener of the ISO Fortran Working Group, commented "It is very good to see Fortran 2003 and Fortran 2008 features being added steadily to the NAG compiler. Additionally, the OpenMP capabilities in this latest release will be very welcome to users now that multi-core machines are everywhere. I find the NAG compiler invaluable for detecting bugs in Fortran code and ensuring that my code complies with the ISO standard."


Customers already using the NAG Compiler can download the latest version here. If you're not sure if you're entitled just send us a quick email and we'll check for you.

The Microsoft Windows version of the Compiler, NAG Fortran Builder, will be updated later this year.

Malcolm Cohen wins award for services to international technical standards

We are very proud to acknowledge the achievements of Malcolm Cohen, Principal Technical Consultant at NAG, who was recently selected to receive the prestigious 'IEC 1906 Award' for his services to international technical standards. Malcolm is a highly regarded figure in the Fortran community and is a co-author of the book Modern Fortran Explained.

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is the world's leading organisation that prepares and publishes International Standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies, including the Fortran language standard ISO/IEC 1539-1.

The IEC 1906 award acknowledges recent exceptional achievement related to the activities of the IEC which contributes in a significant way to advancing the work of the Commission. Malcolm won this award for his work as editor of the Fortran standard and for his outstanding technical grasp of the complexities of the Fortran language. The award citation states that he has substantially improved the readability of the standard which in turn will significantly facilitate the task of implementers and users of the new language.

Read Malcolm's response on receiving the award.

What can NAG do for you in 2012?

Is there a particular algorithm you'd like in the NAG Library?
Would you like to see a particular Library implementation that isn't currently available?
Have you an idea of how we can make our customer support service even better?
Or would you like training on how to get the most out of your NAG software?

We'd like to make a positive impact in your use of our software. If you have an idea or request get in touch via Twitter, LinkedIn, email or telephone +44 (0)1865 511245.

Recent Blog Posts

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Would you like to post to the NAG Blog? Reach a wider audience of readers? We're looking for guest bloggers to write about their use of NAG software. If you're interested, send us an email.

Out & About with NAG

Global Derivatives & Risk Management
Barcelona, 16-20 April 2012
We'll be attending this conference again this year. Register here for your delegate pass, and receive a 25% discount (quote VIP code FKN2329NAGW).

One element of NAG's CSE role in HECToR is the provision of HPC related training courses. The courses are provided free of charge to HECToR users and UK academics whose work is covered by the remit of one of the participating research councils (EPSRC, NERC and BBSRC). Others people may attend on payment of a course fee. Please see the HECTOR eligibility page for more details

Here are the courses being held over the next few months.

Introduction to HECToR
NAG Oxford, 6 February 2012
NAG Manchester, 20 February 2012

Debugging, Profiling and Optimising
NAG Oxford, 7-9 February 2012
NAG Manchester, 21-23 February 2012

Parallel Programming with MPI
University of Sheffield, 8-10 February 2012

NAG product implementations

The NAG Fortran Library, Mark 23 is now also available for the following platforms:

  • Linux64 using gfortran 64-bit Integer (ILP64) (NAG Product Code: FLL6A23DHL)

The NAG Fortran Compiler, Release 5.3 is now available for the following platforms:

  • Linux64 (NAG Product Code: NPL6A53NA)
  • Linux32 (NAG Product Code: NPLUX53NA)

For full details of all available implementations, visit the NAG web site. Comprehensive technical details of each implementation are given in the relevant Installation and User Notes here.

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