Steve Hague, NAG Ltd

Steve formally retired from the position of Chief Operating Officer of NAG Ltd in June 2007, however he continues to work on a consulting basis with NAG on several strategic projects and provides counsel to the senior management team. He was the organization's first full-time employee, joining NAG (then an inter-university project) in 1971. Over the 36 years since then, Steve has had a number of technical, administrative and managerial roles, as NAG developed into a world leader in its field. These roles have included responsibility for a variety of company activities, including many internal projects and various external collaborative activities, e.g. leading international software projects in the USA and Europe. His main technical interests and contributions have been in the area of numerical software engineering, portability in particular, and this work was recognized in the award of a D.Phil. by Oxford University in 1982. Steve also gained a BA in Mathematics from Oxford University in 1970 and an M.Sc. (with distinction) in Electronic Computation from Leeds University in 1971. He was appointed as Deputy Director of NAG Limited in 1978 and has served as ex officio member of the company's governing body since 1984.