NAG Fortran Library Associated Information

NAG Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs)

The DLLs within the NAG Fortran Libraries can be called from various different environments such as C/C++, Visual Basic and Excel. For more information see the Users' Note for the Library in question.

An introduction to the NAG Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs) provides some further information.

The NAG Library for SMP & Multicore

The NAG Library for SMP & Multicore is a special version of the NAG Fortran Library that has been especially tailored for SMP machines.

C Header File

The NAG C Header File provides support for users wanting to call the NAG Fortran Library from C and C++.

Since Mark 24 was released, C Header File materials have been shipped with each implementation.

C Header File for NAG Fortran Library, Mark 23
C Header Files - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Decision Trees

Decision Trees within many chapters in the NAG Fortran Library make finding the right routine easier and quicker than ever before. These trees are incorporated into the chapter introductions and lead the user through some simple yes/no questions that categorize the problem and lead to suggestions of the most suitable routines to be used.


Access NAG algorithms from MATLAB using the NAG Toolbox for MATLAB®.

NAG Fortran Builder

Using the NAG Compiler (Release 5.3) with the NAG Fortran Library (Mark 24) on Windows. These versions do not reflect the latest NAG Library and Compiler releases, please contact us with any compatibility issues or questions.