NAG In Education

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Setting the standard in mathematics and statistics for education and academia

It's undeniable; today's students are tomorrow's analysts, researchers, developers and pioneers in industry and academia. And it is here, in the education of undergraduates and postgraduate students that NAG began and still remains.

The use of NAG's mathematical and statistical components in the field of education and academia is deep rooted all over the globe. The world's most prominent universities and learning institutions use NAG software because of its unrivalled ability to achieve first-class results quickly and accurately, in complex computation in a vast range of mathematical and statistical areas.

NAG is committed to serving education and academia and continues to update the product portfolio as new teaching methods arise and existing areas evolve. Prominent and highly regarded academic institutions such as Oxford University, Cambridge University, ETH (Eidgenoessische Technische Hochschule), MIT, CalTech, and Canada's HPCVL (High Performance Computing Virtual Laboratory), use NAG software as standard practice in their learning.

Reap the benefits of using NAG software

Accuracy, speed and reliability Flexible, widely available and accessible
NAG's mathematical and statistical components provides hundreds of fully documented and tested routines to address most application requirements whether for classroom examples or sophisticated models for sponsored research.

In either role, NAG's software allows you to get results faster, more accurately, and with less maintenance.

3D visualization can aid learning in the classroom and the laboratory and NAG has the visual programming environment to permit quick construction of dynamic, controllable visualization of complex data.

If high performance application development is part of your work, NAG has the compilers and tools to produce application code you can trust.
Most academic departments and research groups have a variety of hardware/operating system platforms. NAG products are available across a wide range of machines including PCs, workstations, departmental servers, and supercomputers.

Nearly all of NAG products are available for various versions of Windows, Linux, Unix, and other operating systems.

We also provide high performance software to take advantage of multi-processor shared memory and distributed memory systems.

Finally, if your group or department uses multiple languages and applications (C/C++, Fortran, Java, Visual Basic, MATLAB®) or has legacy code, NAG has the API to help you bridge the gap.

NAG Global Education Programs

NAG works closely with educational establishments to enable competitive individual and national licensing that provide flexible access to NAG's highly regarded mathematic and statistical software. A few of NAG's country-specific educational programs include:

To learn more about these and other academic programs, please contact us.