NAG and Microsoft Excel - Expand your capabilities

Learn how to maximize Excel's potential with the NAG Library

One of the major benefits of the NAG Library is its inherent flexibility; it can be used by programmers developing in traditional languages, or by users of modern software packages and programming environments, like Microsoft Excel.

To make using the NAG Library easy, we provide the Library as a Dynamic Link Library (DLL). Despite the relatively simple methods of linking to the Library from Excel, it is important to note that to gain benefit from NAG routines in this manner you will need to be capable of programming in either Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) or Visual Studio for Office (VSTO).

The 'NAG and Microsoft Excel' area of the NAG website has been created as a central repository for those wishing to:

Interactive demonstrations showing the use of NAG routines in Excel

These interactive demos highlight the ease with which Excel-based applications that utilize routines from the NAG Library may be developed. Examples are presented for beginner programmers and for those that are more experienced.

Recorded web demonstrations, highlighting NAG in Excel functions, show the ease of application development

  • Portfolio Optimization Example (using the NAG Library from Excel)
  • Option Pricing Example (using the NAG Library from Excel)

Please click here to view recorded webinar clips highlighting NAG in Excel functions.

White Paper/Technical Reports

NAG experts and collaborators working at other organisations and learning institutions have written papers and reports about using NAG routines in Excel. Links to various reports are featured below.

Header files for the NAG Libraries

Visual Basic NAG header files (for use in VBA)

Visual Basic .NET NAG header files (for use in VSTO)

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