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Thomson currently has an application in the area of the thermo-electromagnetics. A further application in the area of `rod laser propagation' will be added to the internal end-users' application suite.

Work so far has concentrated on the mechanism for interpolation between the two meshes used for the problem - the mesh for the electromagnetics problem and the mesh for the thermal problem. This is a key problem in coupling the two physical models. Additionally, different methods for the solution of the resulting systems of equations, including the Conjugate Gradient (CG), Generalized Minimum Residual (GMRES) and Quasi-Minimal Residual (QMR) methods, have been evaluated.

Benchmark problems have also been defined and meshes for these problems have been generated. Tests have been performed with these benchmark problems to validate the sequential version of the code which implements the coupling between the thermal and electromagnetic problems.

Mishi Derakhshan
Wed Apr 23 12:54:57 BST 1997