Management Structure

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Management Structure

Project Management has two aspects:

  • general organizational and administrative responsibilities including the organization of meetings, reviews, deliverable material, contact with the Commission and conflict resolution,
  • technical organization including the detailed assignment of collaborative work between consortium members, work timetables and technical contact with organizations external to the consortium.

There are two key personnel with the overall responsibility for coordinating the management of the project:

Project Chairman:
The Consortium - upon the advice of NAG, the Coordinating Partner - has appointed Professor Sven Hammarling to fulfill this role.
Project Manager:
The Coordinating Partner (NAG) has appointed Dr Mishi Derakhshan (of NAG) to take up the day-to-day running of the project and coordinate the technical work carried out within the project.

An initial Project Meeting was organized for 26th January 1996 near Oxford at which all partners were represented. The attendees were given a briefing on each of the end-user applications and various organizational details and workplans were discussed.

Subsequently, the Project Management Committee met three times in the first year:

Paris, April 1996
Naples, October 1996
London, January 1997

Furthermore, two Technical Coordination Committee meetings also took place in:

Paris, April 1996
Naples, October 1996

A number of meetings between the academic partners and end-users have been organized in this reporting period and the drafting of reports summarizing the results are available.

The technical work in all active tasks have been proceeding satisfactorily and no potential delays or problems have been reported. A realistic and achievable internal timetable for the production of material for the deliverables has been agreed by all partners.

Areas of technical responsibility for the library software were drafted at a meeting in Manchester and reached a definitive allocation of work in Paris.

The University of Manchester acted as host for the first project review which took place on 1 July 1997.

Throughout the period, a number of technical meetings amongst partners took place both in the interests of general coordination and specifically in the aftermath of the first review. Amongst the other extensive technical contacts, Thomson and NAG discussed the incorporation of a new application to increase the range of internal end-users' applications.

During the period of this report, the Industrial Working Group was convened by BAe, and draft terms of reference were prepared, agreed and circulated.

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