Publicity and Promotion

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Publicity and Promotion

A project World Wide Web page gif (which is under construction) has been put in place (maintained by NAG) with links to each of the home pages of members of the consortium (where they exist).

Presentations on (or featuring) the PINEAPL project have been given at:

  • HPCN '96, Brussels
  • Maui High Performance Computing Centre
  • Sup'Eur 96, Krakow
  • Physics Computing 96, Krakow
  • Software for Parallel Computing conference, Stockholm
  • Supercomputing 96, Pittsburgh
  • Annual Conference of ISCS - Italian Society for Computer Simulation, Rome

The PINEAPL project was also publicized in a News from NAG article submitted to the IMANA Newsletter in December 1996 and published shortly thereafter.

Plans for presentations at the SIAM Parallel Processing conference in March and HPCN '97 in April, are underway. To this end, NAG has prepared and submitted a technical paper on ``Solving PDE Problems on Parallel and Distributed Computer Systems Using the NAG Parallel Library'' to HPCN'97. This paper covers primarily the parallel sparse linear algebra routines developed within PINEAPL.

Mishi Derakhshan
Wed Apr 23 12:54:57 BST 1997