dscribe - DataScribe, a tool for building IRIS Explorer data conversion modules. dscribe [ file ] DataScribe is a tool for building IRIS Explorer data conversion modules. It allows the user to graphically construct a DataScribe script that describes input and output data structures, and how to build the output data structures from the input data structures. This script together with its control panel can then be saved as a IRIS Explorer module and used in an IRIS Explorer map.

By default, DataScribe displays a blank DataScribe script window, and the DataScribe Palette. The DataScribe script window contains four panes, a Input pane, a Output pane, a Connections pane, and a Message pane. The DataScribe Palette contains the data types that can be used to compose a script. These data types include integer (long, short, unsigned), float, double, char, arrays (1D, 2D, 3D, 4D), pattern, IRIS Explorer lattices, and sets.

A script consists of input template(s) and output template(s). A template describes a file structure in an abstract representation. There can also be a special parameter template, and constants template(s). Each template consists of a set of data type glyphs. Data type glyphs are added to templates by dragging glyphs from the DataScribe Palette into the templates. Connections are made among templates by selecting their Port Buttons with the right mouse button. Selected Port Buttons display a menu of wirable items offered by the template. Wirable items are either data type glyphs or components of data type glyphs. Selecting a wirable item from an input template, (right-hand Port Button) followed by a wirable item from an output template, (left-hand Port Button) will establish a connection. Connections are represented by lines joining the connection templates in the Connections pane.

Each script has an associated control panel. The control panel may be customized with the Control Panel Editor. A control panel will be generated for the script if none is specified by the user.

For more information please refer to IRIS Explorer User's Guide. Sample DataScribe modules may be found in the directory ${EXPLORERHOME}/scribe. IRIS Explorer uses the environment variable EXPLORERHOME to find the root of its system files. The default location of these files is /usr/explorer.

explorer(1), mbuilder(1). Release 1 and 2 produced by the IRIS Explorer Development Group, Silicon Graphics, Inc. 1991-1994. Subsequent releases produced by The Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd. 1995, 1996.
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