cxConnDup - copy a connection list structure
#include <cx/DataAccess.h>

cxConnection *cxConnDup(cxConnection *src)
integer function cxConnDup(src)
integer src
Input connection list data structure.
The returned value for this function is a pointer to the newly created connection list, or NULL if its input is malformed or if an allocation error occurs. cxConnDup makes an exact copy of its input connection list for return to the caller. The routine copies the elements and connections arrays within the connection list.

cxConnDup is useful for creating a new pyramid that refers to lattices contained in another pyramid, but with slightly different connections. The lattices can be added to the new pyramid by reference, but the old connections are copied and then the distinct new connection values are set. Routines cxConnPtrSet and cxConnEleSet set the data values contained within a connection list. They are used to replace all or part of a connection list.

The newly formed connection list is a reference counted, shared memory object. Its reference count is set in cxConnDup and need not be changed before use.

cxPyrDup(3E), cxConnNew(3E), cxConnPtrSet(3E), cxConnEleSet(3E), cxDataRefInc(3E)
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