cxCoordDefaultNew - create default index coordinates
#include <cx/DataAccess.h>

cxCoord *cxCoordDefaultNew(long nDim, long dims[])
integer function cxCoordDefaultNew(ndim, dims)
integer ndim, dims(ndim)
Number of dimensions in the index space of the corresponding data within the lattice.
Array specifying length of the index space in each dimension.
Returns pointer to new coordinates with default values, or a NULL if its input is malformed or if an allocation error occurs. cxCoordDefaultNew creates uniform coordinates matching the index space of the lattice. That is, the coordinates for dimension i are in C [0..dims[i]-1] and in Fortran [0..dims(i)-1].

See cxDataManAbortOnError for more details on writing portable module code that copes well with limited memory.

cxCoordNew, cxDataManAbortOnError

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