cxCoordExtract - extract coordinate values at a node
#include <cx/DataExtract.h>

void cxCoordExtract(cxCoord *coord, int *index, float *val)
subroutine cxCoordExtract(coord, index, val)
integer coord, index(*)
real val(*)
Coordinate data structure.
Array giving index of point to be extracted. The size of this array must match the dimensionality of the coordinate space.
Array that coordinate values will be copied into.
CxCoordExtract copies the coordinate values at the node specified by index into the array val. index is an array giving the position in the lattice of the desired node; it is nDim elements long, where nDim is the number of dimensions of coord. val is a user specified array that the coordinates will be copied into; it is nCoordVar elements long, where nCoordVar is the number of coordinate variables in coord.

cxCoordExtract is useful for accessing coordinate data in a manner that is independent of the underlying lattice coordinate representation. That is, cxCoordExtract returns the same coordinates for a given input index vector, independent of the lattice's coordinate type.

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