cxDataCheckErrorInfoMsgAppend - append a null-terminated string to a cxDataCheckErrorInfo message buffer.
#include <cx/DataOps.h>

typedef struct { cxDataCheckError error; void *ptr; char *msg;
} cxDataCheckErrorInfo;
void cxDataCheckErrorInfoMsgAppend( cxDataCheckErrorInfo *info, char *msg );
subroutine cxDataCheckErrorInfoMsgAppend( info, msg )
integer info
integer msg
Pointer to cxDataCheckErrorInfo error structure.
Character string to be appended.
cxDataCheckErrorInfoMsgAppend appends the character string pointed to by msg onto the message buffer contained in info. A newline and some indentation are appended before msg is appended.

This routine is used internally by IRIS Explorer to describe the exact location of a data error when it is detected by nested data integrity checks. It can also be used by module writers to describe the state or calling sequence when a data error is detected.

cxDataCheckErrorInfoNew cxDataCheckErrorInfoDel cxDataCheckErrorInfoGet

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