cxDataCheckErrorInfoNew - create a new cxDataCheckErrorInfo structure.
#include <cx/DataOps.h>

typedef enum { cx_data_dead, cx_mem_size, cx_mem_bounds, cx_data_ok } cxDataCheckError;

typedef struct { cxDataCheckError error; void *ptr; char *msg;
} cxDataCheckErrorInfo;
cxDataCheckErrorInfo *cxDataCheckErrorInfoNew( cxDataCheckError err, void *ptr, char *msg );
integer cx_data_dead
integer cx_mem_size
integer cx_mem_bounds
integer cx_data_ok

parameter (cx_data_dead = 0) parameter (cx_mem_size = 1) parameter (cx_mem_bounds = 2) parameter (cx_data_ok = 3)
integer function cxDataCheckErrorInfoNew( err, ptr, msg ) integer err integer ptr integer msg
Data error code.
Pointer to actual address where error detected.
Character string describing context of error.
cxDataCheckErrorInfoNew creates a cxDataCheckErrorInfo structure describing an error condition detected in an IRIS Explorer data object. The err value enumerates the actual error, and ptr points to the address of the offending memory. This information is usually not enough to determine the exact location of the error, especially when data is nested, as in cxLattice and cxPyramid. Msg points to a human-readable character string that describes the exact context of the error. Normally, the routine detecting the error uses a succinct error message. If that routine is nested, the calling routines append more informative messages using cxDataCheckErrorInfoMsgAppend.

cxDataCheckErrorInfoDel cxDataCheckErrorInfoGet cxDataCheckErrorInfoMsgAppend

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