cxDataRealloc - change size of IRIS Explorer data memory block
#include <cx/DataOps.h>

void *cxDataRealloc(void *p, size_t size)
subroutine cxDataRealloc(p, size)
integer p, size
Previously allocated memory block.
New size.
cxDataRealloc changes the size of the block pointed to by p to size bytes and returns a pointer handle to the (possibly moved) block. The contents will be unchanged up to the lesser of the new and old sizes.

Shared memory is a fixed resource, so it is possible for the allocation to fail if the shared memory is exhausted.

See cxDataManAbortOnError for more details on writing portable module code that copes well with limited memory.

cxDataMalloc, cxDataCalloc, cxDataFree, cxDataManAbortOnError

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