cxDataRefInc - increment reference count of IRIS Explorer data type
#include <cx/DataOps.h>

void cxDataRefInc(void *data)
subroutine cxDataRefInc(data)
integer data
Pointer to any reference counted IRIS Explorer data type.
cxDataRefInc increments the data's reference count. A module does not normally need to call cxDataRefInc, unless it wants to process a piece of data later, after the present execution. Incrementing the reference count ensures that the data will not be deleted when new input arrives.

cxDataRefInc will also have to be called if a module inserts cxData or cxCoord structures directly into a cxLattice. Managing reference counts is discussed in more detail in intro, but it is recommended that the routines such as cxLatPtrSet be used instead for safety and upward compatibility.

See Appendix B of the IRIS Explorer Module Writer's Guide for more information on reference counting.

cxDataRefDec(3E), cxLatPtrSet(3E)
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