cxGeoBufferPortSet - Associate output port with current geometry buffer
#include <cx/Geometry.h>

void cxGeoBufferPortSet(int port )
subroutine cxGeoBufferPortSet(port)
integer port
IRIS Explorer output port identifier.
This function specifies an output port to use while creating a geometry buffer. This function should be called after cxGeoBufferSelect but before any other commands that create geometry. It is important to set the output port so that the module can determine whether to prepare the output geometry for shared or socket transcription.

If there are no output connections for this port or if all the port's output connections involve shared memory communication, then the geometry data for this port will be transcribed using shared memory. Otherwise, the data will be transcribed in its entirety for socket communication.

Failure to set the output port before beginning to create the geometry will result in socket transcription of the data, even if shared communication would be possible.

cxGeoBufferSelect(3E), cxOutputDataSet(3E), cxOutputPortOpen(3E)
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