cxGeoPlotDataFocusSet- sets a dataset in the current plot to be the current dataset

#include <cx/Geometry.h>

cxErrorCode cxGeoPlotDataFocusSet (int id)
identifier for the dataset to be made current.

cxGeoPlotDataFocusSet returns an error code, an enumerated integer with cx_err_none (zero) indicating success. Any other value indicates the absence of a prior call to cxGeoPlotBegin, or an attempt to make current a dataset which cannot be found in the current plot. A description of the error can be obtained by immediately calling cxGeoPlotGetLastError.

By default, the dataset which has been most recently added to the current plot (via cxGeoPlotDataAdd) is marked as current. This function can be used to make one of the previously added datasets to be current. It is the current dataset whose display attributes are set by calls to other cxGeoPlotData* routines; thus, this function may be used when the attributes of a previously added dataset are to be set.

cxGeoPlotDefine cxGeoPlotDataAdd

The source of the LineGraph module may be found in $EXPLORERHOME/src/LineGraph/linegraph.c on UNIX machines, and %EXPLORERHOME%\src\LineGraph\linegraph.c on Windows machines. It illustrates the use of many of the cxGeoPlot* routines.

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