cxGeoNew - create a new geometry buffer
#include <cx/DataAccess.h>

cxGeometry *cxGeoNew()
integer function cxGeoNew
This function creates a new IRIS Explorer geometry data type. To write into it, it must be selected with cxGeoBufferSelect(3E). Subsequent calls to the geometry library will be recorded in the buffer. On completion, the buffer should be closed with cxGeoBufferClose(3E).

Here is an example:

cxGeometry *geo;        /* handle to geometry object */
/* allocate the new geometry object and select it */
geo = cxGeoNew();
/* delete the previously defined geometry */
/* define new geometry here */
/* close the buffer */
/* output the new geometry */
cxGeoBufferSelect(3E), cxGeoRoot(3E), cxGeoDelete(3E), cxGeoBufferClose(3E)
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