cxGeoPlotBegin - begins new plot

#include <cx/Geometry.h>

void cxGeoPlotBegin ()

This function begins the creation of a new plot. It must be called before any other cxGeoPlot* routine, otherwise that routine will return an error. Elements can be added to the plot by subsequent calls to other cxGeoPlot* routines. To complete the plot and add it to the geometry stream, call cxGeoPlotDefine. The plot is not complete until that function is called; thus, a subsequent call to cxGeoPlotBegin will remove any elements which had been added to the incomplete plot and start a new one.


The source of the LineGraph module may be found in $EXPLORERHOME/src/LineGraph/linegraph.c on UNIX machines, and %EXPLORERHOME%\src\LineGraph\linegraph.c on Windows machines. It illustrates the use of many of the cxGeoPlot* routines.

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