cxGeoPlotDataAdd - adds a dataset of x and y values to the current plot

#include <cx/Geometry.h>

int cxGeoPlotDataAdd(int n, float *x, float *y)
The number of (x, y) pairs.
The array of x values.
The array of y values.

cxGeoPlotDataAdd returns an integer, which uniquely identifies this dataset on the plot. It can be used in a subsequent call to, for example, cxGeoPlotDataFocusSet. In the event of an error (for example, the absence of a prior call to cxGeoPlotBegin, or a non-positive value for n) it returns with cx_err_error. A description of the error can be obtained by immediately calling cxGeoPlotGetLastError.

This function adds a dataset (a set of x and y values) to the current plot. Each dataset will be displayed on the plot according to attributes that may be set by subsequent calls to cxGeoPlotData* routines. This function must be called before any other cxGeoPlotData* routine, otherwise that routine will return an error. The attributes will apply to the current dataset. By default, this is the dataset from the most recent call to this function, although other datasets can be made current by calling cxGeoPlotDataFocusSet.

cxGeoPlotDefine cxGeoPlotDataFocusSet

The source of the LineGraph module may be found in $EXPLORERHOME/src/LineGraph/linegraph.c on UNIX machines, and %EXPLORERHOME%\src\LineGraph\linegraph.c on Windows machines. It illustrates the use of many of the cxGeoPlot* routines.

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