cxGeoPlotTextDefine - adds a title to the current geometry buffer

#include <cx/Geometry.h>

enum cxGeoPlotTextAlign

cxGeo cxGeoPlotTextDefine (
const char *text,
const char *font,
float size,
cxGeoPlotTextAlign just)
String to be used as title.
Name of font to be used in title.
Size of text.
Justification of text.

cxGeoPlotTextDefine returns a tag for the geometry object that may be used to reference it at a later time with cxGeoFocus.

This function adds the geometric representation of a string to the current geometry buffer, at a location in (x,y) space which makes it convenient to be used as a title for a plot created using cxGeoPlotDefine. The parameters set the contents, X font name (passing NULL causes the default font to be used) and size of the string, together with the justification of the text.

cxGeoPlotDefine cxGeoFocus

The source of the LineGraph module may be found in $EXPLORERHOME/src/LineGraph/linegraph.c on UNIX machines, and %EXPLORERHOME%\src\LineGraph\linegraph.c on Windows machines. It illustrates the use of many of the cxGeoPlot* routines.

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