cxGeoReceive - instantiate input geometry
#include <cx/Geometry.h>

void cxGeoReceive( cxGeometry *protocol, cxGeoReceiver receiver)
subroutine cxGeoReceive(protocol,receiver)
integer protocol
integer receiver
Input geometry of the IRIS Explorer geometry type.
A receiver object returned from cxGeoReceiverNew(3E)
This function instantiates input geometry into an Inventor scene graph. The input geometry is protocol. Translating geometry protocol requires a receiver object which can be created with cxGeoReceiverNew(3E). This is identical to and may be used synonymously with the Inventor SoTranReceiver object. The same receiver object must be used with all geometry arriving on the same input wire. It is an error to use the same receiver on geometries from different input wires.

Calling cxGeoReceive(3E) more than once on the same input geometry is an error and results will be undefined.

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