cxGeoRoot - set the current object to the root object.
#include <cx/Geometry.h>

void cxGeoRoot()
subroutine cxGeoRoot
This function makes the root object the current object. The root object is a special grouping node that is created automatically when the geometry library is initialized. All subsequently defined objects will be descendents of the root object.

This function is often used in a particular sequence to entirely replace previously defined geometry:

cxGeometry *geo;  /* handle to geometry object */
/* allocate the new geometry object and select it */
geo = cxGeoNew();
/* delete the previously defined geometry */
/* define new geometry here */
/* close the buffer */
/* output the new geometry */
cxGeoInit(3E), cxGeoNew(3E), cxGeoBufferSelect(3E), cxGeoDelete(3E), cxGeoBufferClose(3E)
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