cxGeoTextureCoordinate2Define - define 2D texture coordinates
#include <cx/Geometry.h>

void cxGeoTextureCoordinate2Define( int n, float *point)
subroutine cxGeoTextureCoordinate2Define(n,point)
real point(2,n)
Number of points.
An array of 2D coordinates which defines the mapping of textures for vertex-based shapes.
This function defines a set of texture coordinates which are used in the mapping of texture onto the current point set, line set, polygon set, triangle mesh set, sphere set, cylinder set, or grid. The current geometry object is the primitive most recently defined, or it may be explicitly set with cxGeoFocus(3E).

Texture coordinates range from 0 to 1 across the shape. The horizontal (S) coordinate is specified first, followed by the vertical (T) coordinate. The texture coordinates are used by the cxGeoTextureAdd(3E) routine, which adds the texture to the current object.

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