cxGeoXformPush - create a group object
#include <cx/Geometry.h>

cxGeo cxGeoXformPush()
integer function cxGeoXformPush
This function pushes the current set of transforms and and attributes, and creates an object subtree. Transforms and attributes may be applied to this "object" just as if it were a primitive.

Subsequently defined primitives will be created under this new object. Attributes applied to these primitives will override attributes applied at the higher level. Transforms applied to these primitives will concatenate with transforms applied at the higher level. Escaping to the previous level may be done with cxGeoXformPop(3E).

The return value is a tag for this object that may be used to reference it at a later time with cxGeoFocus(3E).

cxGeoXformPop(3E), cxGeoFocus(3E)
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