cxInputConnectsGet - return the number of connections to an input port
#include <cx/PortAccess.h>

int cxInputConnectsGet(int port)
integer function cxInputConnectsGet(port)
integer port
The input port descriptor to check, as returned from cxInputPortOpen.
The return value is an integer count of the number of connections, zero if there are none. cxInputConnectsGet returns a negative value if the port parameter value is bad. cxInputConnectsGet returns an integer denoting the number of connections on the given input port. This number can be expected to remain constant over the course of a single firing cycle.

Advanced modules may need to know about individual connections to a particular input port, so they can cache old inputs on that port. The fan-in on IRIS Explorer module input ports is serial, that is, upon each firing, the module receives only a single data object per port. However, in the presence of multiple connections, each subsequent firing may present data from different connections on a single port, depending on the behavior of the map. Once a module fires, it can obtain a unique identifier for the connection on which new data arrived by calling the routine cxInputDataConnIDGet.

Use cxFireConnectsGet for a "Fire" port.

cxFireConnectsGet(3E), cxInputDataConnIDGet(3E), cxInputDataGet(3E), cxInputDataChanged(3E).
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