cxInputDataRelease, cxInputDataReleaseV - remove data from an input port
#include <cx/PortAccess.h>

void cxInputDataRelease( int port )
void cxInputDataReleaseV( int port, int count, int connIDs[] )
integer function cxInputDataRelease(port)
integer port

subroutine cxInputDataReleaseV(port, count, connIDs) integer port integer count integer connIDs(1)
The integer descriptor of the port to release its data.
The number of connections in the connIDs array.
A list of the connections which are to release data.
cxInputDataRelease and cxInputDataReleaseV cause data on port to be removed. This can be used to reject bad data, or to remove a port's data when it is disconnected. cxInputDataRelease releases the data returned by cxInputDataGet, on the connection identified by cxInputDataConnIDGet. See cxInputDataGet for a description of which connection this will be.

cxInputDataReleaseV releases data on more than one connection. The data is released from each of the connections identified in the array connIDs. The connection identifiers in connIDs may be in any order. The routine cxInputDataConnIDGetV returns an array containing the connection identifiers on a port.

It is not valid to call these routines for a "Fire" port.

cxInputDataGet(3E), cxInputDataGetV(3E), cxInputDataConnIDGet(3E), cxInputDataConnIDGetV(3E).
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