cxInputPortNames - get a list of the input port names
#include <cx/PortAccess.h>

char const * const *cxInputPortNames()
subroutine cxinputportnames( n, namelist, lengths )
integer n
character*(*) namelist(n)
integer lengths(n)
The input length of the namelist and lengths arrays.
The output array of port names.
The output array of port name lengths.
The C routine cxInputPortNames returns a pointer to a list of character strings containing the names of the module's input ports. This list is represented as an array of character pointers to the names and is terminated by a NULL pointer.

The storage used to hold this information is allocated and owned by the module control wrapper. Subsequent calls to this routine will overwrite the current contents. Therefore, the module programmer should never attempt to deallocated this storage.

The Fortran subroutine cxInputPortNames accepts an array of character variables and fills them with the names of the module's input ports. At most n entries in the array are filled, even if there are more ports. Each port name is null-padded to fill the entry of namelist. The corresponding entry in the lengths array is assigned the true length of the port name, which may exceed the length of the character variable, in which case the caller should try again to get the full port name.

The namelist array must have length at least cxInputPortCount, and each variable should be declared long enough to hold the longest port name (plus one for the null termination). Port names that do not fit in a character variable are truncated. The truncated name will not be recognized by other API routines, so on receiving such a name it is best to call cxInputPortNames with a larger character variable array.

The namelist and lengths storage must be allocated by the user.

To determine independently the number of input ports, use cxInputPortCount.

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