cxInputPortOpen - convert a port name to a port descriptor
#include <cx/PortAccess.h>

int cxInputPortOpen(const char *portname)
integer function cxInputPortOpen (portname)
character *(*) portname
Name of the input port to open.
cxInputPortOpen converts an input port name into an integer port handle to be used on all subsequent port calls. The port name is typically a short name describing the purpose of the port, such as "Colormap" or "Volume". If the given name does not refer to an existing port, a -1 is returned.

The name of the port is the one that was entered into the ``Input Ports'' form in the Module Builder. The same name appears in the I/O list menu for the module in the Map Editor. No particular interpretation should be placed on the values of the integer returned by this function, though typically it will be a small integer.

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