cxInputTypeGet - determine the allowable data type of a particular input port
#include <cx/PortAccess.h>

const char *cxInputTypeGet(int port)
subroutine cxInputTypeGet(port, type)
integer port
character*(*) type
The integer descriptor of the port whose data type is queried.
cxInputTypeGet returns the name of the data type for this port. In Fortran, the type is returned in the second argument, type. cxInputTypeGet returns a character string which states the type of data allowable on the port. There need not be data on the port before making this call. The string is considered owned by the cxInputTypeGet routine (in C) and should not be freed by the caller. cxInputPortOpen(3E), cxInputDataGet(3E), cxInputDataGetV(3E), cxOutputTypeGet(3E)
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