cxInWdgtDblMinMaxSet - set the range of a double precision input parameter's widget
#include <cx/UI.h>

void cxInWdgtDblMinMaxSet (const char *portname, double min, double max)
subroutine cxInWdgtDblMinMaxSet (portname, min, max)
character*(*) portname
double precision min, max
Name of the input parameter port whose widget range is to be changed.
The low end of the widget's range.
The high end of the widget's range.

This is the IRIS Explorer Widget Library call used to set the minimum and maximum range of a double precision parameter. If the current value of the parameter is outside the new range, it will be clamped appropriately.

The intended targets of this call are parameters with dial or slider widgets. This call has no effect on widgets without ranges (push buttons for example).

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