cxInWdgtLongSet - set the value of a long input parameter and widget
#include <cx/UI.h>

void cxInWdgtLongSet (const char *portname, long val)
subroutine cxInWdgtLongSet (portname, val)
character*(*) portname
integer val
Name of the parameter port whose widget is being altered.
long value assigned to port.

cxInWdgtLongSet is an IRIS Explorer Widget Library call used within modules to set the value of a parameter and its associated widget from a long.

An IRIS Explorer parameter data structure and widget are always associated with an input port of type parameter.

cxInWdgtLongSet alters the state of the parameter-widget pair associated with the input parameter port named in the first argument.

The second argument to cxInWdgtLongSet is the long value assigned to which the parameter-widget pair are set.

This call is used to set the value of sliders, dials, text slots, radio buttons and toggle buttons. For text slots the value is converted to a string before display. Dials and sliders clamp their input values to their min/max range prior to updating the widget. Option menus, radio boxes and toggle buttons clamp the value to the number of options.

Within the calling module, the parameter value associated with the port is changed immediately (synchronously with the call). The parameter value is transmitted to the IRIS Explorer Map Editor where it causes the module's widget to be changed. Widgets wired to the widget being changed will also have their values adjusted.

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