cxLoopBreak - Force loop controller to terminate loop.
#include <cx/Info.h>

void cxLoopBreak()
subroutine cxLoopBreak
Normally, a loop will continue execution (refire the loop controller after the loop has executed) if any new data is sent out to modules in the loop from the controller. cxLoopBreak forces termination of the loop, regardless of whether the loop controller sends new data to the loop modules.

It is usually necessary to terminate the loop explicitly with cxLoopBreak. For example, the For module updates its "Current Value" widget on each iteration. If "Current Value" is wired into the loop, those modules that receive it will attempt to fire again. However, if those modules also have inputs from the "Loop Value" ports, no data will arrive in those input ports from the loop controller, by virtue of cxLoopBreak being called, and the loop modules will not fire again.

cxLoopCtlr(3E), cxLoopIteration(3E), cxLoopControlArc(3E)
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