cxLoopControlArc - Determine whether a connection carries loop data
#include <cx/Info.h>

cxBoolean cxLoopControlArc( int connectID )
integer function cxLoopControlArc( connectID )
integer connectID
Identifier of the output connection.
Returns cx_true if the connection carries a loop variable. cxLoopControlArc indicates whether a connection is a loop control arc. Loop control arcs are those connections which carry loop variables -- data which flows out of the loop controller, into the loop, out of the loop and back into the loop controller. More specifically, control arcs are input and output connections of loop controllers which are connected to modules inside the loop.

Note that the state of a connection is not valid when the connection is first made, and it can change because of connections or disconnections elsewhere in the map. The only time that this call is guaranteed to be accurate is when the user function is called because of the arrival of data.

cxLoopBreak(3E), cxLoopCtlr(3E), cxLoopIteration(3E)
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