cxModuleExecTagValueSet - set the current module control wrapper from within a compiled group using a module tag.

#include <cx/ModuleCommand.h>

void cxModuleExecTagValueSet(short value)
subroutine cxModuleExecTagValueSet(value)
integer value
The module tag value returned from cxModuleTagValueGet.

This function is required by some modules that have a Windows [X] module control wrapper when the module is part of a compiled group. This function has no effect when a module is not part of a compiled group.

When a group of modules is compiled into a single module, the resulting module contains a module control wrapper for each of the original modules. The module control wrapper interfaces the module ports and widgets to the user code.

Normally the compiled group will set the appropriate module control wrapper before calling any user code. The exception is when user code is called as the result of a Windows [X] event, e.g. a mouse click in a drawing area widget. If such code calls any of the IRIS Explorer API functions, the code should first call cxModuleExecTagValueSet to ensure the module will work correctly if it is part of a compiled group.

The value passed to cxModuleExecTagValueSet should be that returned from a call to cxModuleTagValueGet from within code that is not called as a result of a Windows [X] event, e.g. an initialisation hook function or the module user function.


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