cxOutputDataFlushAll - output all new data immediately
#include <cx/PortAccess.h>

void cxOutputDataFlushAll()
subroutine cxOutputDataFlushAll
cxOutputDataFlushAll causes all new data that has been stored in output ports to be sent to the receiving modules immediately. If no new data has been stored in a port since the module last fired, then a "no change" message is sent.

Data is also put on the "Firing Done" port, and "Loop Ended" port if applicable, to be sent to receiving modules immediately.

cxOutputDataFlushAll is automatically called when the module's computational function returns to the control wrapper. Most modules should not call this function. To do so unnecessarily may confuse other modules, causing them to fire more than necessary. The only modules that should call this function are those that output data in response to external events, e.g. X events, timer events, or other file IO events that they manage.

cxOutputDataFlushAll can be called repeatedly to produce a primitive form of iteration, but this use is no longer recommended. Explicit loop controllers (see While (1E), Repeat (1E), and For (1E)) should be used for maps that must iterate over values. Note that creating a loop controller that calls cxOutputDataFlushAll may create an exponential growth of loop data.

cxOutputSendNow(3E), cxOutputDataFlush(3E), cxOutputNoSync(3E)
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