cxOutputDataRelease - remove a data object from an output port
#include <cx/PortAccess.h>

void cxOutputDataRelease(int port)
subroutine cxOutputDataRelease(port)
integer port
The descriptor of the output port to affect.
cxOutputDataRelease removes the data object, if any, on the output port. When the user function returns, the control wrapper transmits an empty object to downstream modules.

This operation is used to release data on an output port. Note that setting a zero value on the output port with cxOutputDataSet will not have this effect, rather it will inform the control wrapper to use the previous data on that port.

The act of releasing data from the output port decrements its reference count, which will destroy the object if no other modules hold a reference to it. If the user function needs to retain a copy until subsequent firings, it must increment the reference count of that object by calling cxDataRefInc.

Note that it is not a valid operation to try to remove data from a "Firing Done" or "Loop Ended" port.

cxDataRefInc(3E), cxOutputDataSet(3E), cxOutputNoSync(3E)
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