cxOutputPortSharedXferGet - query whether an output port supports shared geometry transfer
#include <cx/PortAccess.h>

int cxOutputPortSharedXferGet(int port)
integer function cxOutputPortSharedXferGet(port)
integer port
IRIS Explorer output port identifier.
This function indicates whether an output port is capable of communicating geometry data in shared or socket mode. A non-zero return value indicates shared transfer, while a zero return value indicates socket transfer. A shared data transfer consumes fewer CPU cycles and, since the geometry data will already reside in shared memory, less memory.

If there are no output connections for this port or if all the port's output connections involve shared memory communication, then the geometry data for this port will be transcribed using shared memory. Otherwise, the data will be transcribed in its entirety for socket communication.

This function is intended primarily for internal use within the shared geometry library.

cxGeoBufferPortSet(3E), cxGeoBufferSelect(3E), cxOutputPortOpen(3E)
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