cxParamStrGet - returns parameter value as a string
#include <cx/DataAccess.h>

char *cxParamStrGet(cxParameter *src)
integer function cxParamStrGet( src, str )
integer src
character*(*) str
Input data structure.
In Fortran, the output string.
In C, the value of src as a string. In Fortran, the length of the string. Returns a new string containing the value of the parameter src. If src is of type long or double, the value is formatted by sprintf ("%d" and "%lf" formats, respectively). The space for the new string is obtained using malloc(3C,3X).

In Fortran the returned string is padded with blanks to the length of the character variable, or truncated if the character variable is not long enough to hold it. The integer return value is the length of the string in the parameter, which may be longer than the character variable provided by the user, in which case the caller should try again to get the full string.

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