cxPickGet - get information out of pick data type
#include <cx/Pick.h>

cxErrorCode cxPickGet( int *eventType, long *eventData, long *eventModifiers, int position[2], int windowSize[2], float origin[3], float direction[3], float projectionMatrix[16], int *numHits)
integer function cxPickGet(eventType,eventData,eventModifiers,
integer eventType
integer eventData
integer eventModifiers
integer position(2)
integer windowSize(2)
real origin(3)
real direction(3)
real projectionMatrix(4, 4)
integer numHits
Type of event that caused the pick.
Data associated with the event.
Modifiers associated with the event.
Position of the pointer.
Window size.
Origin of the pick in 3-space.
Direction of the pick in 3-space.
Matrix describing the current view.
Number of object intersections.
The return value for this function is an integer error code enumeration. This function extracts fields from the IRIS Explorer pick data type. The information passed in the pick structure varies to some degree with the module that created it. However, the following conventions should always be followed when possible.
Should match the X event types.
Button number for button events, ASCII value for key events.
Should match the X event modifiers.
Position of the pointer using the X origin (upper left)

The function returns cx_err_none on success and a non-zero value on an error.

The user can tell the function not to get information on a particular field by passing a NULL pointer value. You need not create dummy variables in the calling routine which calls cxPickGet, because the request is simply ignored when the pointer comes in NULL.

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