cxPickHitPointGet - get detail information about a pick hit on a point
#include <cx/Pick.h>

cxErrorCode cxPickHitPointGet( cxPick *pick, int n, long *index)
integer function cxPickHitPointGet(pick,n,index)
integer pick
integer n
integer index
Pick data structure to interrogate.
Index of hit in pick structure.
Returned index of the point in a point set.
The return value for this function is an integer error code enumeration. This function extracts detail hit information about a point. The index of the particular point in a point set is returned in index. The function returns a nonzero value if the hit index is not valid or the hit requested is not on a point.

The function returns cx_err_none on success. A non-zero value is returned in case of an error. This will usually be because the hit is not of the proper object type.

The user can tell the function not to get information on a particular field by passing a NULL pointer value. You need not create dummy variables in the calling routine which calls cxPickHitPointGet, because the request is simply ignored when the pointer comes in NULL.

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