cxPyrClean - removes unreferenced items from a pyramid
#include <cx/Pyramid.h>

void cxPyrClean(cxPyramid *pyr, int *mark)
subroutine cxPyrClean(pyr, mark)
integer pyr
integer mark(*)
Input pyramid data structure.
Input Boolean array specifying which top-level elements to keep.
cxPyrClean takes a pyramid and an array of markers for the pyramid's highest layer of elements. If the marker for an element is non-zero, cxPyrClean keeps that element and everything it refers to in the rest of the pyramid. Everything not referred to by any marked element is stripped out of the pyramid. mark must be an array of length at least
  pyr->layer[pyr->count - 1].relation->numElements.
As a convenience, if NULL is passed in for mark, all top layer elements are kept. This allows easy elimination of unreferenced items in the pyramid.

cxPyrClean does not compress duplicate entries within the pyramid, but cxPyrMerge will compress duplicate entries.

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