cxPyrConCompare - compare two set of vertices based on the equivalence type
#include <cx/Pyramid.h>

long cxPyrConCompare( long n0, long *x0, long n1, long *x1, cxPyrEquivType type )
integer function cxPyrConCompare( n0, x0, n1, x1, type )
integer n0, x0(n0), n1, x1(n1), type
The number of vertices in x0.
First vertex list.
The number of vertices in x1.
Second vertex list.
Equivalence type to govern comparison of vertex lists.
Returns 1 if the two vertex lists are equivalent, or 0 otherwise. cxPyrConCompare compares the two vertex lists x0 and x1 governed by the equivalence type type. The equivalence types and their ordering restrictions are:

CX_PYRAMID_EQUIV_IDENTICAL sequences must be exactly identical.

CX_PYRAMID_EQUIV_IDENTICALR sequences must be exactly identical or be identical when one is reversed (same as CX_PYRAMID_EQUIV_IDENTICAL with reversal allowed).

CX_PYRAMID_EQUIV_CYCLIC sequences must be identical under some cyclical shift (or rotation) of one sequence.

CX_PYRAMID_EQUIV_CYCLICR sequences must be identical under a cyclical shift of one sequence or of its reversal (same as CX_PYRAMID_EQUIV_CYCLIC with reversal allowed).

CX_PYRAMID_SET sequences must contain the same indices in any order.

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