cxPyrDupExpand - makes an uncompressed copy of a pyramid structure
#include <cx/Pyramid.h>

cxPyramid *cxPyrDupExpand(cxPyramid *src)
integer function cxPyrDupExpand(src)
integer src
Input pyramid data structure.
The returned value for this function is a pointer to the newly created pyramid. cxPyrDupExpand makes a copy of its input pyramid for return to the caller. The output may not be an exact copy of the input, in that any compression of the input pyramid is expanded in place in creating the output. The duplication extends to all pyramid contents subordinate to the chosen element, so that parts of constituent cxLattice and cxConnection structures are duplicated as well. cxPyrDupExpand can be used to handle compressed pyramids by fully expanding them, manipulating and then freeing the expanded version. This approach can be very expensive in terms of computer memory and time, as the expanded pyramid may be many times the size of the compressed input. Another routine, cxPyrEleDupExpand, exists to expand a single pyramid element, rather than the entire pyramid. cxPyrDupExpand returns a NULL if its input is malformed or if an allocation error occurs. The returned pyramid is a reference counted structure owned by the caller. cxPyrDup(3E), cxPyrEleDupExpand(3E), cxPyrCompress(3E), cxDataRefInc(3E)
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