cxPyrLayerSet - replaces the lattice and connection list in one layer of a pyramid
#include <cx/DataAccess.h>

cxErrorCode cxPyrLayerSet(cxPyramid *src, long index, cxConnection *conn, cxLattice *lat)
integer function cxPyrLayerSet(src, index, conn, lat)
integer src
integer index
integer conn
integer lat
Pyramid data structure to be modified.
Input number of the pyramid layer to modify.
Input connection list to replace the existing connection list in the pyramid layer.
Input lattice to replace the existing lattice in the pyramid layer.
The return value for this function is an integer error code enumeration. cxPyrLayerSet sets the lattice and connection list for layer index of the source pyramid, replacing the previous contents of that layer. In doing so, it decrements the shared memory reference count of the old lattice and connection list and increments the reference count of conn and lat. Layers are numbered from one through src->count and index must lie within this range. cxPyrLayerSet can be used in conjunction with cxPyrNew and cxPyrSet to allocate and initialize the base lattice and the layers of a pyramid. A return value of cx_err_none indicates success, while another value indicates a NULL input pyramid, a bad index, or an error in memory allocation. cxPyrNew(3E), cxPyrSet(3E), cxPyrLayerGet(3E), cxDataRefInc(3E), cxDataRefDec(3E).
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