cxPyrNew - allocates a pyramid structure
#include <cx/DataAccess.h>

cxPyramid *cxPyrNew(long count)
integer function cxPyrNew(count)
integer count
The number of layers in the pyramid.
The return value for this function is a pointer to a newly allocated pyramid structure. cxPyrNew allocates a pyramid with a base lattice and count layers, where each layer consists of a lattice and a connection list, and returns a pointer to the structure. The newly allocated pyramid has NULL pointers for all lattice and connection list components. Routines cxPyrSet and cxPyrLayerSet set the base lattice and layer contents of the pyramid. The allocated pyramid is a shared memory object with reference counting. The reference count is set to one upon allocation and need not be incremented for use. See the IRIS Explorer Module Writer's Guide for more information on reference counted, shared memory objects. cxPyrSet(3E), cxPyrLayerSet(3E), cxDataRefDec(3E)
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