cxPyrRefIndexGet - find the pyramid dictionary index of a compressed pyramid element
#include <cx/Pyramid.h>

long cxPyrRefIndexGet( cxPyramid *pyr, long j)
integer function cxPyrRefIndexGet(pyr, j)
integer pyr
integer j
Input compressed pyramid data structure.
Input element index whose dictionary index is desired.
The returned value for this function is the index into the pyramid dictionary table of reference elements that describes the jth compressed element in pyr. cxPyrRefIndexGet finds the index of the jth compressed element in the pyr input. If pyr is a uniquely compressed pyramid (pyr->ref.compressType is cx_compress_unique), the returned value is the unique pyr->ref.r.cx_compress_unique.index. If pyr is a multiply compressed pyramid (pyr->ref.compressType is cx_compress_multiple), the returned value is the value pyr->ref.r.cx_compress_multiple.indices[j]. Otherwise, the returned value is -1.
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