cxPyrVertOrder - list the vertices on a pyramid face in their natural order of traversal
#include <cx/Pyramid.h>

void cxPyrVertOrder( long dim, cxPyramid *pyr, long n, long *vec )
subroutine cxPyrVertOrder( dim, pyr, n, vec )
integer dim, pyr, n, vec(n)
The dimensionality of the input pyramid pyr.
The input pyramid whose vertices are to be enumerated in order.
The number of vertices in pyr.
On output, the ordering of vertices in the pyramid.
cxPyrVertOrder computes the natural traversal order of vertices in a two-dimensional face pyramid. Traversing the vertices in this order preserves the normal vector of the face. If the dimensionality dim of the input pyramid is not equal to two, the output vector is the identity permutation of the input vertices, ie 0, 1, 2, etc. If the pyramid pyr has more than one face, each face is traversed and vertices are numbered according to their time of first traversal. This routine is most useful in determining the traversal order of a single polygon.
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