cxSoVertexProperty - abstract base class for all vertex-based shapes using shared memory field classes SoBase > SoFieldContainer > SoNode > cxSoVertexProperty
#include <cx/nodes/cxSoVertexProperty.h>

Fields from class cxSoVertexProperty - descriptions as SoVertexProperty fields

cxSoMFVec3f vertex
cxSoMFVec3f normal
cxSoMFUInt32 orderedRGBA
SoSFEnum normalBinding
SoSFEnum materialBinding

All methods as SoVertexProperty.

For use in IRIS Explorer modules only, storage of field data for vertexProperty in shared memory arena. SoVertexProperty(3IV), cxSoVertexShape(3E), cxSoMFVec3f(3E), cxSoMFUInt32(3E), cxunshare(1E).
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